Lyle Hewitson is the current Champion Jockey in South Africa.

Justin Snaith is the current reigning Champion Trainer in South Africa.

The latest tips can be found on the Magic Tips section on the Winning Form website. https://future.winningform.co.za
You can either watch the live stream on www.galloptv.co.za via your mobile phone, tablet or PC if you have a high speed uncapped fibre line. Alternatively you can purchase a free to air (FTA) satellite decoder from Space TV. There are various models ranging from R500-R1000. Space TV will also be able to suggest an accredited installer in your area to assist you. Visit www.spacetv.co.za/contact to find your nearest Space TV branch or branch contact details.

Customers can purchase an AMO Digital HD Set Top box. This retails for between R400 to R500. Its available through most electronic stores and Take a Lot 

We have fitted these into our branches with minimal issues. This decoder connects to existing DSTV connection points, meaning you can use your existing dish and cabling set up in your home.

Depending on Geographic location, it could be either channel 0006 or 0007 on the AMO decoders. Frequency on modulations is between 22 and 24

The AMO FTA decoder runs of the same satellite dish, no need for a separate dish. The only issue that may be encountered is if the customer has a DSTV Explora set up – this will require a further connection set up by the installer. But all DSTV installers are capable of this change and it shouldn’t be problematic.

    • Between 22 and 24
    • You will need to scan the decoder to locate GallopTV


11514 V


Unfortunately not at this stage.

Unfortunately not. The Gallop TV service is only available on the a separate decoder that used the “Sentech Stream”

We have a list of suppliers that have been used for our branches across the country, if required we can arrange this list for customers in their areas. If not, it’s a simple connection and can be done by a local DSTV technician in under an hour. One alternative is a Space HD Digital decoder which can be found at Space TV.  Visit www.spacetv.co.za/contact for the nearest store.  They will suggest an accredited installer in your area.

Gallop TV is available in High definition. Dependent on geographical location, the decoder may need some tuning in frequency for the best clarity – this is between 22 and 24 and can be done by the installer.

The cost of the free to air satellite decoder varies between R500-R1000. The cost of installation will vary depending on whether you have an existing DSTV or OVHD satellite dish set up as the free to air decoder can use the same satellite dish. To find the address and contact number of a Space TV outlet in your area go to www.spacetv.co.za/contact. There are no ongoing monthly subscription fees for free to air satellite.

There are no monthly fees to watch the live stream, you just need to register for free on www.galloptv.co.za and you will have access to view live KZN and International racing as well as various play on demand podcast shows and KZN race replays. If you have installed a FTA decoder to watch Gallop TV, once you have paid for the decoder and the installation there are no ongoing monthly subscription costs.

The new GallopTV streaming services are unrelated to Tellytrack.com  You will need to complete a new registration on www.galloptv.co.za  to access the full GallopTV content.

To activate the live stream please click on the play button in the middle of the screen.

Our contractual obligations with external content providers prevent us from distributing the visuals beyond South Africa and the website is geo-blocked accordingly.

(a) Presently, GallopTV does not have the broadcast rights to any of the 4Racing product. These venues are available on DSTV channel 240 or via the 4Racing live streams.
(b) Presently, GallopTV does not have the broadcast rights to any of the 4Racing product. This remains under constant review.

We have a number of convenient ways of watching KZN race replays –

Recent replays are available via the Race Replays tab on www.galloptv.co.za
Archived races are available on Gold Circle’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/GoldCircleRacing

You can also use our online form guide at www.gallop.co.za and type your horse’s name in the “All Horse Form” search box and select your horse. This will open a window with all your horse’s previous

runs and at the end of each line of form for KZN race meetings there will be a video icon. Click on the icon and the race will play automatically off YouTube.
The same feature is available for the online race card at www.tabgold.co.za. Simply click on the video icon at end of the required runners form line.

Tellytrack has ceased operation as of 01st March. The difference is that Gallop TV will now provide all racing content for KZN local racing instead of Tellytrack.

FTA means Free to Air – what this means is that there is no subscription or payment for the use of this service – hence its not on a DSTV/Open View type of decoder.

It is 24 hours, but races are dependent on specific times. There will be more content on the stream in between and after races.

GallopTV has obtained licences to show international racing from multiple countries and will operate for the times of these race meetings, which will generally be from early morning to late at night.

There is both local KZN and International Racing available on Gallop TV

There is one Gallop TV Channel. Gold Circle is offering two separate channel on their dialog boxes for local and international separately, however this is a much lengthier and costly installation.

GallopTV will be similar to Tellytrack1 and GallopTV2 will be similar to Tellytrack4. GallopTV2 will only be broadcast to betting shops and via live stream, it will not be available on the FTA satellite.

Gallop TV prioritises KZN racing above all racing. Meaning you will be able to watch any KZN Race meet even if an International Race meet is happening simultaneously. No, the IS20 FTA will only have GallopTV. The KZN Clean Feed broadcast is only available via live stream at www.galloptv.co.za

No. Gallop TV is only showing KZN race meets and international race meets. Races outside of KZN can be viewed on Channel 240 on DSTV.

Without Gallop TV, you wont be able to view KZN races at all. 4Racing only covers race courses outside of KZN

Unfortunately, 4Racing have opted not to show KZN racing on DStv channel 240.

This is in development for the channel. More content will be developed as the channel progresses.